Why Do I Love To Spend Weekends At Ankara?

There are many reasons for me to love Ankara as a place to spend my holidays. But before I go into that detail, let me introduce you a little about this wonderful city.

Ankara is a famous historical city of Turkey. It is not only one of the most populated cities but also the capital of Turkey. The city has an elevation of about 900 meters. Ankara is a famous and one of the favorite tourist points in Turkey due to its immense natural beauty, beautifully constructed buildings and gorgeous shopping centers.

Why Do I Love Spending Weekends At Ankara?

I love this city because being the centrally located place of Turkey; it has easy to access highway and railway networks. So reaching to this place via road or train is not at all any problem. Sometimes when I have a mode of driving, what I do is wake-up early in the morning and pack my luggage. Once I am done with my packing, I put all my bags into my car and take my ride to Ankara. Throughout the driving, I find the ways to be so beautiful that this beautiful pleasant atmosphere keep my eyes intact and I really enjoy driving.

Another thing which makes me love this place is the shopping centers. At the evening usually, I go out to the shopping centers and markets of Ankara. It’s really an amazing eel for me to shop here as I find the items to be branded and budget friendly.

A Refreshing Place:

When I return home after spending my weekends there, I find my body and my mind refreshed because I had a great chance of enjoying at this beautiful city.


Why Do I Love To Spend Weekends At Ankara?

Why Do I Love To Spend Weekends At Ankara?



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