Turkey is one of the most prominent and fabulous tourist attractions. It is not only visited by tourists but also the students looking for successful educational careers. While your time in Turkey is made memorable due to a lot of interesting activities, choosing the right accommodation can be challenging. Where to stay in Turkey?

Where to Stay in Turkey

Hotels in Turkey

The hotels for staying in Turkey range from purpose-built villas and apartment complexes to mid-range hotels in seaside resorts and city hotels aimed at business travelers. You can always have option to find the most suitable and budget friendly hotels. Simple guesthouses are also given on a monthly or annual rent basis. This can be an option for the students looking for cheap yet comfortable living places in Turkey. There is an ever increasing demand of boutique hotels in coastal and rural villages of Turkey which are mostly chosen by the international tourists. The costs of these hotel rooms are higher than normal price ranges.

  1. Grading of Hotels in Turkey: Hotels registered with the Ministry of Tourism are graded from 1 star (1 yildizli) to 5 stars (5 yildizli). Turkey has no short of unclassified hotels that carry zero stars and are an option for low-budget individuals. The classification of hotels is done on the basis of standardized services and facilities they provide to the customers. For example, the motels and holiday villas are first class (1 sinif) or second class (2 sinif). Before you choose the type of hotel you want to live-in, be clear with your budget. How much fare you can pay for one night stay?
  2. Bed and Breakfast: Guest houses (pansiyons) are present in some resorts in different towns and valleys of Turkey. These offer a range of accommodation facilities. Not all of them have en-suite WC and shower or air conditioning. Mostly lack bars and indoor restaurants, thus, provide simple breakfast. If you feel that this isn’t something you can go with, the best option is to wake up early in the morning and step out of the hotel to find a nearby restaurant where you can enjoy the breakfast of choice.
  3. Camping: Numerous hotels provide the facility of camping. These are usually present in areas with high mountains, waterfalls, and the places where there is much adventurous for you to enjoy. Wild camping in public is a good option, otherwise you’ll have to get permission from the landowner before you pitch your tent.

Hostels in Turkey

Turkey has a range of youth hostels in Turkey, but standards and facilities vary widely. Private hostels can be your option if you are a student. These aim to offer double, single and twin rooms in addition to dormitory accommodation. On the other hand, the budget hostels accommodate the tourists. These are usually present in destinations like Gelibolu, Kusadasi and Olympus. On the other hand, Istanbul, Izmir, and Ankara like cities have upmarket hostels that suit to ‘flashpackers’ who want to spend a little more on luxury accommodation than those who are in search of rock bottom prices.

Apartments in Turkey

Villas and apartments are available for rent in the areas like the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, and also in Cappadocia and the larger cities. Time share properties have started taking off in Turkey, mostly in the resorts present along the Aegean or Mediterranean coast and in Istanbul.


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