A settlement with Troy … BC 3rd-2nd millennium in a kingdom ruled from the spot where the Aegean Sea, the Dardanelles opened in Hisarlık’ inside the type of mound up to 6 km. The region has hosted many civilizations and that traces the history of civilization but bulunduruy within the most interesting and best-known story of the Trojan Horse. Persians, Alexander the Great, the Romans, the Kingdom of Pergamon, Seleucid dominated and ruled the region for many years. A story that exists in this region, and indeed a full tactical mind, I want you to talk about this legend.

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Trojan Horse:
According to mythology, the goddess of the sea goddess Thetis very beautiful and attractive, who is fascinated him, and he admired the beauty. According to belief, the father of the boy will bring the world Thetis was said to be much more clever and intelligent individual. To do this, King Peleus of Thessaly were approved and were asked to be married to him. Olympos mountain created a beautiful table and instrumentalists, a ceremony was planned and it was great too. All but one of the gods and goddesses were here … duplicity Erins Goddess was forgotten by the rumor was not invited to the ceremony. This enraged the Erins most beautiful golden apples of the Goddess written on the dining table in the area where the feast held secretly leaves. After realizing the apple is involved in a ceremony at diagnosis are known for Zeus, King of revenge and is impatient for it. Celestial goddess Hera, Intelligence Goddess Athena and the goddess of love wants to make this choice of Aphrodite, but the event was supposed to take not aware of one place, it is not aware of to shepherd was elected Paris event and was busy grazing his flock. This 3-goddess, against the interests of Paris and goes to record events in history as the first bribe they promise everything to impress her. Aphrodite, the shepherd would promise the most beautiful woman in the world and takes your mind off the apple to Aphrodite shepherd is given.

In this case, the other goddesses are very angry and shepherd behalf to unhappy oath, after a while the shepherd Paris, Spartan king falls in love with Menelaus, the young and beautiful wife, Helen, and with the help of Aphrodite took her to Troy angry whereupon King Menelaus ‘s brother Agamemnon Trojan attacks and begin one of the largest wars in history …


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