Night life in Istanbul is full of entertainment and endless charm. In other words we can say that it is a huge and unforgettable experience for any tourist who is in Istanbul to spend the holidays. There are numerous popular establishments – some of which were founded years back while others are somewhat newer. But this doesn’t mean we should ignore the new nightclubs just because we aren’t sure of what sort of entertainment they will provide.

Best Night Clubs in Istanbul

Considering the fact that the competition is very high, explore the top 5 best night clubs in Istanbul to decide where should you go.

  1. Sortie Night Club

The Sortie night club is an elite ambience, giving a spectacular and picturesque view of Istanbul’s traditions and cultures. It is situated in the Bosphorus, and has six restaurants and three bars. The club remains open between 6 p.m. and 4 a.m. No doubt, this is one of the finest escape places for having some relaxation and lots of fun in Turkey.

  1. SuAda Night Club

SuAda is another wonderful night club. It is not located in the Bosphorus, but on an island, about 165 meters away from the European shore in Kuruçeşme. The island was headed by Sultan Abdülaziz in 1872. Serkis Kalfa laid the foundation of a three-storey mansion on the island and spent his life there till he passed away in 1899. Nowadays, Today, SuAda is considered to be one of the top gear venues in Istanbul. Here various glamorous and high profile events, music concerts, and dance performance are held.

  1. Anjelique Night Club

Anjelique night club is located on the shore of Bosphorus. It is established in a three storey mansion, offering lots of charm to the nightlife lovers. The club is located on the top floor, and here the night is rocking. This place is loved mostly for its beautiful dance performer, breathtaking music, and cocktails. The dynamic atmosphere of the club is what will make you a fan.

  1. Blackk Night Club

The Blackk night club let you enjoy the ultimate experience of Resto-lounge, club, and Levendiz Greek Tavern. All or any of them will surely be satisfying your requirements. It was firstly founded in 18th century in Rococo style. In those days, the club used to have angling patterns of modernism, but it underwent several reconstructions, and the current look is prettier than ever, with a blend of both classic and modern styles. The Bosphorus view and 18th century paintings are the club’s spirit.

  1. Reina Night Club

This night club opened its doors for the people back in 2003. It is present in the Bosphorus. Its spacious indoor environment, elegant design and construction, charming bars, restaurants, and of course the dance floors are some of the specialties this club is known for. Here at the restaurants, different varieties of cuisines are served. I must say that Reina is the pearl of the entertainment world for anyone who wants his night rock in Istanbul. This club is known to host some of the famous stars including Bon Jovi, Kylie Minoque, U2, Uma Thurman, Daniel Craig, and Naomi Watts.

Beside the above top 5 best night clubs in Istanbul, there are a lot more such as Al Jamal, Babylon, Living Indigo, Jolly Joker Balans, and Wan-na. This makes us realize that in Istanbul, we will never get bored at night.


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