Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, creating made arrangements with local chat in Sultanahmet, free from traffic, resulting showed great interest in the history of Istanbullu Ramadan brings a new concept.

Sultanahmet Square which is to be completed restoration and landscaping work will be hosted this year a different Ramadan celebration.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir “in these different programs should be organized in the Blue Ramadan, citizens and you have fun and you learn” instruction will be a new concept in Ramadan celebrations.

In the Sultanahmet Square, which this year will be held special events that reflect the traditional culture, to live worthy of a place in the history of Ramadan. Food to eat pieces of very different and special projects with other people in Istanbul Ramadan nostalgia will survive. History in space, 100 and 50 years of companies; quality, press the historic identity of heavy, non-commercial concerns of Ramadan events will be held.

Square, which will be the presentation of the company with the identical product and Istanbul during the month of fasting will be 94 booths of oblivion have kept the introduction of the oldest profession to do.

ramazan_10 mehter3 Ramadan_Dinner_2005-11-07


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