Shish Kebab, meat dishes with an important place in the Turkish food culture.

Especially now feast prepared by the air in the entire house in which religious festivals of the Muslim Eid al-Shish Kebab, made from the parts of the sheep meat is.

Meat should be cooked before finishing 1 day, if possible, these cells ‘death contraction’ because it is necessary for the removal of hardness.

Needle Kebeb, Adana Kebab with particular foods everyday life in the southern province fast consumer goods into gelmiştir.bug the first Adana, Mersin, Gaziantep, Osmaniye, a rapid consumption of Kahramanmaras (ing: fast food) is the food.
Contents Dimensions Quantity Sheep is meat (boneless) – 1 kg onions 3ort boy 1/2 kg. Olive oil 1/4 cup water 50 gr. 2 tablespoons tomato paste 20 grams. 2 teaspoons salt 10 g.
Chopped meat 2 centimeters in size. The onion is peeled, filtered water is chopped into cubes, olive paste, mixed with salt and pepper. Meat in the mixture is refrigerated for 24 hours. Vegetables are washed, cut the stems of the peppers. Pepper 2 centimeters thick, chopped tomatoes 2 centimeters in size. 3 pieces of meat on skewers, respectively, 1 additinal piece of lard are aligned. The skewers cooked over a charcoal fire by turning each side for 3-4 minutes.

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