Eastern and Western civilizations, of 2150 m. height of the intersection in a magnificent pyramids, the world’s eighth wonder of Nimrod, ten meters in height fascinating sculptures, inscriptions of meters long, is located in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.
Mount Nemrut, giant statues and monumental tombs as well as on the host that draws the world’s most spectacular sunrise and sunset to be interested in the places where viewing. Every year, thousands come to Nemrut Mountain to watch the sunrise and sunset people.
Declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the surrounding country with Commagene Civilization is one of the most important works of the National Park. Giant statues on Mount Nemrut and tumuli, Arsameia (Old Castle), New Castle, Karakus Hill and Severen Bridge is located within the National Park boundaries.
Greek “Genes Community” meaning Commagene, name  the faith of Greek and Persian civilization is a powerful kingdom in harmony with their culture and traditions. Taurus Mountains ancient Commagene Kingdom is located at the junction of several roads in Syria’s northern Hatay, Pinarbasi, northern and eastern Taurus is located in the fertile soil that surrounds the Euphrates River. Convenient and economic importance of agriculture and animal husbandry high cedar forest that hosts the Commagene territory, nearby cave was used as a residential area since ancient times and it is clear from archaeological finds.
Ancient world’s small but powerful country Commagene, paternal Persians of King “with the King of Kings said Darius as the mother side of Macedonia ruler Alexander the Great by a prince, the son of Mithradates Kallinikos with relatives, was founded BC 109 years in an independent kingdom. consisting of different communities and providing great success in ensuring the unity between different faiths and cultures to have the Commagene Mithradates Kallinikos, you will strengthen the bond with the gods, and thus the nation was built temples in various parts of the country with the belief that lived in peace.
Kahler continental climate characteristics are shown in the township of Mount Nemrut. Due to the Atatürk Dam in district boundaries, the climate began to structure similar to a significant degree by modified Mediterranean climate. However, even in the middle of summer, sunrise on Mount Nemrut would be pretty cool.


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