Monetary Information

Turkish Currency Code is (TRY) Turkish Lira. 1 dollar is approximately equaling to 2,2 Turkish Lira where as 1 euro is 2,9 Turkish Liras. Of course there can be fluctations in these converting prices, you should check it online on before you come to Turkey. There are lots of bureau on changes in Turkiye, at the airports, at city centers etc. So do not worry to receive local money with you before coming to Turkey. Please note that, you will also meet the best rates for exchange your money in Turkey. If you change in your own country you will loose lots  of money.


Where to change your money to Turkish Lira

Dollars, Euros or sterlings can easily be changed into Turkish Lira at all post offices (which there are tens in each city) in all banks or in all change offices. You can also change it in jewellery stores. At the airport or touristic shopping centers (which they are almost all of them are touristic) euro or usd s also accepted as payment.

But because of the high conversion rates I totally suggest you the exchange bureaus which are not in the airport.


Turkish Currency

Turkish Lira is the The Turkish currency. The banknotes are in  5 , 10 , 20 , 50, 100 and 200 Lira. The coins are just for 1 lira, 0,5 lira and 0,25 lira. The Lira also equals to 100 Kurus. So the coins are 100 kurus, 50 kurus, 25 kurus, 10 kurus.


Banks and ATMs

The majority of the banks have ATMs and there are a huge number of free-standing ones at strategic points. They are the same as USA and Europe. Most of them has an an option to choose the language. You can select english, german, french, russian, spanish languages as well, and in some cases you can choose Euros, Turkish Lira or Dollars. The atms are open 24 hours. And the banks are open mostly 8 to 5 pm.

In the old times it was reported that, you should change your money into Turkish lira as far as you can. Cause the rates always improve. But it is not true anymore. After 2010 year the turkish lira stands to USD and Euros. And the rates are increased or decreased you can not know it anymore. So you should not delay changing your money into Turkish Lira.


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