Unless you are a son/daughter of a high profile father with a lot of wealth, you would probably look for a job immediately after the completion of your degree. It is certainly difficult for many of us to stay motivated till the dream job has been landed at. The proactive and lucky individuals with good grades throughout the academic session will certainly take little time to get hired. Here is how to stay motivated between school and work.

How to Stay Motivated Between School and Work

Find the Never Ending Opportunities

It is true that the “real world” will bring a lot of challenges. It was in your school that you were free to financial problems because parents have had acted like your backbone. But this is now your time to do something nice and extraordinary for yourself. Try to find the never ending opportunities. Certainly after graduation, you will have to see which are the most suitable jobs as per your qualifications and mental capabilities. Whether you have graduated in an arts subject or are a science specialist, land the right kind of companies.

Avail Internship

Most of the jobs, these days, demand experienced individuals but where would this experience come from till we aren’t given a chance to do something. In order to cope up with such problems, you can avail internships. Every college and university, nowadays, provides chance to its well scored students to avail paid or non paid internship opportunities. The purpose is to help you have a hand of the professional environment. Don’t think of salary or amounts while doing an internship as your all focus has to be on gaining maximum experience. You will definitely be given a certificate or experience letter once the said timeframe (six months or a year) has been completed which can be a part of your CV, showing that ‘Yes’ you are now an experienced person to get hired.

Proper Planning is Must

Between school and work, proper planning is key to success. You need to be clear with what you actually want to do in life. For example those who have completed education in engineering will certainly opt the similar opportunities, and same will happen for the persons of other fields.

Discuss Ideas with Your Parents / Elders

It is good to discuss your future plans and ideas with your parents and elder siblings. They have had an experience of life and I am sure you would be given with best suggestions which you can use for a successful career. Be assured that you make things clear to them at first hand so that no confusion is created by both ends at the time you have gotten a job of desire.

Expect Less in Start

Expectations of anyone should not touch the peaks at the initial years of career. This is the time when you have to learn a lot of important things. In case, you will ask for so high salary, chances are no one will hire you. So it is better to expect less in start, and once you become expert, go ahead to avail another better opportunity. In starting days, you have to work hard and show patience even when the salary isn’t sufficient.


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