It is actually torturing when we get to know that the university needs some work. No matter you’ve studied throughout the year or not, exam tension always dominates all of us. Sitting in the examination hall is not a cup of tea; for this we have to prepare ourselves with an aim to score well. But this shouldn’t be taken as a stressful thing. Here is how to beat the exam time blues conveniently.

How to Beat the Exam Time Blues

Change your routine

Appearing in exams can be hectic if you have not done with preparations. It is okay if you’d been a night dweller with no attention paid to the studies. It is time to change the routine from scratch. Wakeup early in the morning and revise each and every chapter. Apart from this, you can consider taking the nocturnal approach, and stay up in the night hours depending upon how many lessons you are left with.

Study when you feel full functional

Studying in the times when you feel full functional has no alternate. This reduces the amount of burden your mind may take in the hours when it is tired and doesn’t want to remember those tough lessons. Get most out of your time. By waking up early you can get benefited because this is when the mind is fresh and full of energy, thus can memorize the things easily.

Don’t get scared

People like to scare you how difficult the exam can be. Every one of us has a friend or two who claim to have been studying for over 17 hours just to score well. It is up to you how soon you can learn the lesson. If someone tries to scare you, don’t pay attention. Stay confident and have the spirit ‘I can learn my lessons quickly’, because this is one of the best options to beat exams’ tension.

Don’t revise all day every day

It is stressful to keep on revising the subjects all day long. This is obviously an extra burden on your body and brain. Whilst revision is obviously of paramount importance in the run-up to exams, this doesn’t mean you are to spend many precious moments for a single lesson’s revision. As long as you feel that you have well memorized it, you don’t need to revise any chapter more than twice.

Get changes of scene every now and then

Sitting in the same position can make you feel tired. Don’t spend your time in the library where you only see thousands of books and bookworms. For a change, I recommend to have different sitting positions. Sometimes you can sit in library, sometimes in the nearby park, and sometimes group study is going to work a lot.

Make proper plan

Students are always told to have revision timetable and manage the things according to the difficulty level of each subject. It is common that one student finds math difficult, spending a lot of time to learn how to solve different questions. On the other hand, a second student finds it nothing more than a cup of tea. This all will judge your plan of how many hours a particular subject will take to get revised.

So when the exam time blues make you feel bad, you can remember the above tips. Hopefully these will be of great help.


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