When it comes to name the most visited and spectacular historic building in Turkey, then Hagia Sophia is known to be the best. It is situated in Istanbul, Turkey. The local people call it as Ayasofya of Turkey. This building traces its record from the times of Byzantine Emperor Constantine II (360 AD).

Hagia Sophia--A Must Visit Tourist Point In Turkey

Hagia Sophia is famous for its rich architectural design and massive mode. It is world’s third most visited and largest church, known for its awesome building. In between 532-537, its building was reconstructed, however the engineers put their best efforts to keep its charm and real beauty maintained in the newly constructed building and fortunately they got succeeded. The credit to design this church’s new building goes to the Greek scientists Isidore of Miletus and Anthemius of Tralles.

Hagia Sophia--A Must Visit Tourist Point In Turkey

Hagia Spohia is so far considered to be the best surviving examples of Byzantine architecture. The beautiful and eye-catching interior marble pillars and mosaics are every eye loving. After fall of Constantinople, Hagia Sophia was converted into a mosque by the by the Ottoman Empire, under the command of 21-year-old Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II. Nowadays The Hagia Sophia is neither used as a mosque or a church. It is converted to a museum by the Turkish Republic.

So, if you are planning a trip to Turkey, then let me be frank that your trip would only be completed when you make Hagia Sophia your destination to visit. Visiting this gorgeous building would definitely urge you to take some pictures. You are free to capture its beauty with the eye of your camera.



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