The youngsters, nowadays, want to pursue careers abroad. Many of them choose America, while others love to go to Europe. Turkey, being a country that connects east with the west, is the first preference of many of the students.

While getting the required grades, writing the application essay and getting accepted for a study program is a really tough job for an international student. Most of you think that the work is impossible, but here we are sharing the guide to getting a student visa easily.

Guide to Getting a Student Visa

Getting Started

The most important thing about your student visa application is that it is done prior to the time when you’ll plan for it. This is because the process takes around six months or above, and if your application is ready, the time can be saved.

How to Begin Your Student Visa Application

To get your hands on the application form and other essential information about visa requirements, visit the official embassy or consulate website of your country of study. You can either go to their physical location or see their website where information about visa applications, forms, documentation and interviews is given clearly. For those who find it tough to get the guidelines, the better option is to get in touch with the embassy or a person who can help through the procedure.

Most of the universities provide support to international students through proper channel. You can only apply for a student visa once your relevant university has granted you admission. Contact the international admissions department of the university to ask all the questions you may have in your mind.

Filling in Your Application

To be assured that you don’t miss the chance of getting admission abroad, it is better to fill student visa application as thoroughly as possible. Take into account all the requirements and avoid writing something wrong. Giving your correct information is the need of the time. Once the application has been filled, the next step is to send it through a proper official channel. Be ready to promptly answer any further questions the visa authorities may have (check your phone, emails and post regularly), and have some free time to appear for an interview whenever they call you.

Meeting with the Embassy

Although procedures vary, a face-to-face interview held needs you to be clear with the followings:

  1. Proof of funding for the entirety of your stay: You need to give them proof of funding for the entirety of your stay. They want to be assured that you have enough money and would not be a financial burden onto their country. You need to cover all expenses of student loan, scholarship, and residence etc. For this, bring a proof with you.
  2. Proof of acceptance onto your program: Give them proof of acceptance onto your program which is in the form of a letter. Make sure it is original and has come from the recognized college/university you applied.
  3. Valid passport: You need to have a valid passport. It is needed that your passport has at least six months validity and hasn’t been expired.
  4. Other requirements: Some other requirements are health certificate, English-proficiency test result, and proof of your intention to return home after completion of your studies etc.

You should also consider that while applying for a student visa, you are eligible for a shorter-stay visa, which is purposed to give you time of thinking if further studies are needed or a job permit should be an option.

The student visa fees vary from country to country, and this information can be obtained from the relevant departments.


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