Saros between Gallipoli and the Dardanelles, to the south of the peninsula space expands to the name given. The ancient name of Gallipoli is Chersonesos.

Turkey to the north west of the peninsula, is also the last piece of land in the south-east of the European continent.

North of the narrow (5 km) is connected to the isthmus of Thrace Bolayır. The high and straight west coast bordered by a fault to the east, towards the throat descending, landform consisting of split backs fit the geological structure of the valley.


Strongly inclined western side of the peninsula were followed Eocene and Oligocene flysch, slightly wavy eastern half of the Miocene and Pliocene sediments containers.

Gallipoli district, in the north-eastern coast of the peninsula with the same name, situated at the point where the Dardanelles open to the Marmara Sea.

Gallipoli turkey
Between Thrace and the Aegean climate zone. Korudag on the North, and to alleviate the effects of the harsh climate of Thrace. The year to mark the presence in the Dardanelles coast remain under the influence of four months continuous air flow. Therefore, the short duration of the spring. Rainfall, while effective in the fall, a measure less than in the spring. The most prominent feature is the hard winter northeasterly winds from the north. Summer and Mediterranean climate prevails in the region in the autumn. Autumn is usually warm.
An arm extending out from Tekirdag Ganos Mountain Murefte following the Marmara coast along the Dardanelles extends to Helles. Another arm extends in the direction of the ridge behind the Maritsa and Bayramiç village of Kadikoy district. In many parts of 200-400 meters in height varying roughness are found 725 meters from Gallipoli Kashan. This raises Korudağ name and receive the highest point of the district.
County, where a narrow peninsula and has no significant extension consists of gently rolling plains to the land.

Evreşe, Karainbeyl, small plains, such as milk, and Ilgarder is available.



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