Duden Waterfalls is one of Antalya’s most beautiful waterfalls. Duden Waterfalls are brimming with curiosity for tourists from all over the world over whether Ziyara. This beautiful wonder of nature is just 7 km from Antalya city center. off on a hot from being overwhelmed those. Duden Waterfalls also make a major contribution by providing Antaya tourist potansityel the importance of the development of that area. You can take a nice souvenir photo camel ride to the entrance of the waterfall. İn the waterfall sturant and entertainment centers are very common and in a tiny zoo.
Button of water from the waterfall in Lara Beach is located about 15 km away with a great noise from the height of 50 meters into the sea.

Varsak approximately 7 km to Antalya Municipality, 1 Km from heaven flowing nature is great. Duden Waterfalls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Antalya. The world is over four thousand tourists flock to see the Duden Waterfalls come to Antalya. Falls waterfall in a cave in a cave is available from Falls 10 Km after yapıyor.dü better represents another beauty of the beauty of the human more than once poured Lara` the Mediterranean Sea. Duden gives life to every occurrence of etch  the water is lost … But the changing world conditions and the beauty and charm of the waterfall sinkhole with his effects of global warming. This situation means the loss of important sights of Turkey.

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