Çandarlı dominated by the Amazon women warriors, Izmir-Sewn is a seaside resort. The Castle Çandarlı in this borough boundaries are among the works have come from past to present in perfect health.

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Due to Çandarlı castle against the sea has been used to protect the city from external attacks. Although the exact date not known what to do; BC In the 6th century Pitane have thought that it was the function of the site. From the period when the castle was a very damaged; but now restored and renovated. Today, that has a positive impact on the final structure of the Genoese. You can visit the castle of your Çandarlı Izmir vacation. Will enjoy the sea view from the castle; intra-off will affect you too much.

Glory that the message will still remain standing for years and losing Çandarlı Castle; with a rectangular shape, with five towers with battlements and door will definitely win your admiration. Izmir trip to the ancient city of Larissa and you can visit the ancient city of Claros.


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