From each other, swim in the beautiful bays and beaches of Alanya, one of the foremost activities that make your holiday meaningful. Many beaches in the region is the award-winning Blue Flag. Cleopatra Beach, Alanya East Beach, Beach Cleopatra Beach and Us are plenty of places to swim and relax in your pleasant hours.

Of your list of things to do in Alanya, nightlife should include strong. Any time may include the Alanya Night Life, moving and can spend hours of fun.


Alanya sea so green areas are to the fore. Many tourists showed great interest in the highlands you can include in your list of things to do. Get a moment away from the region’s temperature can make your holiday more meaningful exploring new places. Gökbel Plateau, Plateau and may include Dereköy Gevedet your discoveries point plateau.

History of the place will help you become familiar with every aspect of Alanya and do not miss out on seeing the natural beauty. The ancient city of Syedra between the old residential areas, the ancient city of Ancient Selinus and Hamaksi can replace your list of places to see.

On the other hand is famous for its castle and tower of this beautiful resort area. Among the castles to be seen in absolute; Fly Castle, the Red Tower, we can suggest you to see the Castle and the Alanya Castle.

Stalactite cave constantly visited by local and foreign tourists are among the points you have to drag them to a magical world. Stalactite cave will appear in your list of places to be replaced. What Alanya Another answer to the question should be made; Shopping in Alanya Center and in the store will make shopping as you wish. You can taste local dishes in one of the restaurants listed by the sea and then shopping. Alanya is the place to be seen to be done and activities are endless. If you plan to head to head breaks the mold with nature, you can camp in the area of ​​the campsite. Do not forget to live in the Dim River also enjoy rafting.


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