Getting good grades in exams is like a dream comes true. To achieve the desired results, the students study day and night, and work really hard. In today’s competitive era, it has become really difficult to score well as the study materials are sophisticated enough and there are so many in-class projects that make the students feel confused. Check these best exam tips you must remember for good grades.

Best Exam Tips

1. Take a drink into your exam

Most of the colleges and universities have strict policies about drinks. You can, as per your college rules, take a drink into the exam. This should be caffeine-free, and can be brought in a clear plastic bottle. Some of the exam regulations are drinks should not be anything but plain and cold water. This keeps you away from vodka and other alcoholic items such as white rum or red wine etc. Make sure you have taken a bottle or two in the examination hall only if permitted by the supervisor/examiner.

2. Do not take your phone into the exam

Needless to say that bringing mobile phones are not allowed in the examination hall. Especially in math and geography exams, smartphones are strictly forbade to be used. It is due to the reason that these have digital calculators and other apps which may help the students get full solution of the questions.

3. Wear appropriate clothing for your exam

This is good to wear descent and appropriate clothes before appearing for an exam. Consider to wear a suit instead of a cheap outfit. This boosts one’s confidence and the results are going to be fair enough. If you have worn an unpleasant dress, there are chances that your tutor will get angry and he/she may not allow you to sit in the examination hall.

4. Befriend the invigilators

It is good to befriend the invigilators during the exams. This has a lot of benefits. You will gain an inside helping-hand, and your new friends will be helping you avail the accurate answers and study materials before the examinations start. It is very important to score well in all of the semesters because this makes you become more and more engaging and popular in class.

5. Learn new ways to communicate with your classmates

It is a good idea to learn new ways to communicate with your classmates. Communication is key to success in any walk of life. Most invigilators realize that you will come up with new ways of communication during exams. Try throat warbling, telepathy and carrier pigeon as a means of communication. I personally give high preference to carrier pigeon because pigeons aren’t easy to catch.

6. Take lunch with you

You might feel hungry during your time in the examination hall. Don’t get stressed and take lunch with you. Ask your examiner to give you 15 minutes break so that you can enjoy your energy drinks, rice, pastas, and other eatables.

All of above are easy to follow tips but certainly are of great use. You need to be familiar with the fact that scoring well in exams without the above in mind is next to impossible. What do you feel?


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