Who don’t like to eat meat? I am sure every one would be crazy about BBQ. Meat is not only a complete diet full of proteins and zinc but also a mouth watering eatable. When it comes to talk about the meat recipes of Turkey, then the delicious BBQ Yogurt Marinated Chicken is an ideal food Turkish people love to make at weekends.


Before I tell you about how to prepare this delicious Turkish dish, please note down the ingredients.

1. One cup yogurt

2. ¼ cup olive oil

3. Two tablespoons lemon juice

BBQ Yogurt Marinated Chicken--A Delicious Turkish Recipe

4. Two garlic cloves which should be properly minced

5. One tablespoon rosemary

6. One tablespoon thyme

7. One tablespoon salt for tasting

8. ½ tablespoon black pepper

9. Four chicken breasts

Method Of Preparation:

1. Initially you would have to mix all the marinade ingredients properly in a bowl or round plate.

2. Once the ingredients are mixed, add the chicken breasts one by one into the mixture and when all the chicken pieces are mixed into the marinade cover the bowl/plate for almost two to four hours. This would allow the chicken pieces absorb the marinade properly. Keeping this mixture in the refrigerator would be the best way.

3. When the time of keeping the mixtures in refrigerator is over, take it out and start cooking the chicken breast pieces by putting them properly over a barbeque grill.

4. Keep cooking it until all the sides of the pieces are totally cooked and turned into reddish color.

5. Dish out the cooked BBQs and serve them with fresh salad.



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