Ankara Castle is built on a dominant hill, consists of two parts, namely the inner and outer castle. Throughout history, made of almost every period, maintenance and repair due to the use of the castle for both the defense and settlement of various civilizations in Ankara, the capital is one of the reasons for reaching up to the present. These days remaining from the last century Ottoman house is situated in the interior of the castle. 8-10 castle walls. height up large blocks of stone, was built of brick and the upper portions. The height of the tower in the inner castle 14 to 16 m. which varies.

When it is not known exactly where BC 2. Galatians beginning of the century during the settlement is known that Ankara has the castle. Roman Emperor Caracalla, was repairing the walls of Ankara Anatolia trip. The walls of the fortress during the Roman era than today’s castle was located around the Temple of Augustus.


A.D. 620 also destroy invading Hüsrev from Ankara and 629 in the Sassanid ruler defeated by the enactment here, Byzantines were repairing the castle again. Emperor II. Outside the castle built by Constantine, the Emperor III. The Leon has also yükselttir onartırk the citadel walls of the castle walls. I Alaeddin castle was repaired again. 1249 in the II. Keykavus has made new additions to the castle. Restored Ottoman period has been extended from time to time outside the walls of the castle. Underlying the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations and Atatürk founded in 1921 with the inspiration of meat Museum was founded in Akkale the highest sign of the Ankara Citadel. Our republic until 1948 he served as the first museum.


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