Akdeniz University is a popular campus university, based in Antalya Province of Turkey. It is one of the leading higher education and scientific research centers of the West Mediterranean region of Turkey.

Akdeniz University of Turkey

History of Akdeniz University

The Akdeniz University was founded in 1982. It had long collaborated with several higher education institutes across Antalya, Isparta, and Burdur to make sure that the students are provided with the best educational facilities. The university has an approximate area of 925 acres in the west of Antalya city centre between Dumlupinar Boulevard and the Uncalı district.

Academics of Akdeniz University

The Akdeniz University consists of twelve faculties, four vocational schools, and several graduate schools. Also it has eight vocational schools in Antalya, where two-year courses and four graduate programs are also offered besides short courses and diplomas.

The university has a staff-student ratio of 10.3, with one professor for every 36 students. The staff is consisting of 1309 administrative personnel, with 1671 in academic positions.

Achievements of Akdeniz University

The Akdeniz University has gotten many achievements during the history. In 2011, Turkish surgeon Dr. Ömer Özkan and his team were able to perform full face transplant at the university’s hospital of Antalya.

Another surgery performed by Dr. Ömer Özkan was in 2012, when he did transplant of ears and face of a young patient of Izmir.

Affiliations of Akdeniz University

The Akdeniz University is proud of its so many affiliations. For example, it is one of the members of the European University Association, and has had been involved in countless international projects such as Leonardo, and Erasmus etc. Apart from this, the Akdeniz University is one of the members of the Caucasus University Association.

Alumni of Akdeniz University

Some of the notable alumni of Akdeniz University are:

  • Barış Eyriboz: film director, producer, and screenwriter of Turkey
  • Azize Tanrıkulu: 2008 Olympic silver medalist and European champion Turkish female taekwondo athlete
  • Bahri Tanrıkulu: 2004 Olympic silver medalist and multiple World and European champion Turkish taekwondo athlete

Faculty of Akdeniz University

The Akdeniz University is proud of its faculty members, such as:

  • Mustafa Kalemli: physician and politician
  • Ömer Özkan: associate Prof. Dr. at Institute of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

Facilities for Students at Akdeniz University

One of the most important facilities for international students at Akdeniz University is that the medium of instructions is English, with a few courses offered in Turkish language in which local students can easily seek admission. It is to be remembered that admission is only granted on the basis of merit, with a few seats available on quota and self-finance basis. It is, however, highly recommended to international students to apply only when they have no third division throughout their academic career.

The university is respected the world over for its high quality educational programs. The courses are taught not only with audio-visual aids but also via lab projects so that the students can gain sufficient experience of a professional environment.

A separate career counseling department is also running within the premises of Akdeniz University which aims to provide the graduates with information about job opportunities in different local and multinational organizations.


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