A Must Known Business Etiquette's Guide Before Planning Your Business In Turkey

Being a country consisting of a high population of Muslims, Turkey is known for its unmatched religious practices, beautiful buildings, mouth watering cuisines and decency in professionalism. This is what makes my land a world known place to do business with. From all the four corners of the world, people prefer for doing business and investments in Turkey as they know that Turkish people would not cheat them and their investments would be absolutely risk free.

If you have such a plan, then let me teach you a little about the very basic business etiquettes which you would have to practice and follow in order to survive in Turkish community.

Communication Etiquettes In Business:

  • Turkish people always prefer to work with the foreigners who are polite and well mannered. The personal relationships matter a lot. To make it possible proper communication with the Turks is a key to get extended chances of being in.
  • Strong professional relations, outdoor activities, social outings, business lunches can bring you closer to the hearts of Turkish people.
  • Courtesy is a must element for all sorts of business deals.
  • Turkish people find it to be okay if you don’t stand away from them. It means a chance of healthy personal relation can help you win their hearts and thus they would prefer your business ideas and investment plans for all of their projects.
  • Turks avoid the foreigners who get back or become less talkative. You would have to maintain a continuous conversation habits with the Turkish people you work with or want to work with in future. Absence of conversation can lead you loss your repute in the business market of Turkey. Discussions may start slowly, with many questions that may seem irrelevant to the purpose of your visit. It is extremely rude to insist that your colleagues get to the point.
  • Be soft spoken to survive in Turkey’s business community. Harsh words or rude behavior are not at all acceptable by the people here.

Dressing Etiquettes:

  • Doing business in Turkey requires you to give humble request to their business outfits. These are considered to be a way to represent the cultural and traditional value of the country with a blend of professional look. A simple business suit—coat, shirt, tie and plain pant is what which is going to make you a professional person in Turkey.
  • Separate business outfits with specific colors make the summers and winters of Turkish people a lot separated. In big cities although there is no restriction of colors to be used in summer and winter, but the best would be for you to remain risk free and adopt the color of your office outfits as per the Turk’s desires.
  • In the countryside areas especially in Eastern cities of Turkey, the dressing is somewhat conservative. If you are going to invest in those cities or want to open you office there, then you would have to be habitual of wearing those conservative outfits, not matter whether you like to wear them or not.



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